Amazingly Talented Artists & Photographers

Sharon Cummings~ A strong affection for abstract art, impressionism, photography,  and mixed media works.  Sharon has her Masters degree in Fine Art.  Her work is amazing and she is coloring the world with abstract art & photography.  Check out her brilliant works here:

Keith Mills Artist~ A professional artist working in the United Kingdom. This is the place to see the very latest and best of his funny and quirky cartoon drawings and sketches of funny cats and dogs:

Caroline Nyman~  A gifted digital artist. Amazing illustrations to be found here:

Rich Lo~  A professional artist that can combine technical excellence with uncompromising imagination. Creating works of art that have unlimited potential to provoke Intellectual stimulation:

BluedarkArt the Chameleon~  An amazing graphic designer and photographer. Bluedarkart loves Nature, Animals, Sun, Tropical Atmospheres, and Colors that are a huge, nourishment of her wandering Soul! ☮:

Boriana Giormova~  A very creative illustrator,  creates, cute, funny, strange, sometimes a bit evil, and always full of personality, creatures:

Karin Taylor~  A Mixed media artist with a passion for nature, and children. Beautiful pieces to be found here: http://

Pixie Copley~   A huge love of bright colours as you will see when you look at her photography and art work. Beautiful, photography, graphic design, and fractal art work to be found here:

Dave Files~  An amazingly talented photographer.  Dave takes crisp, brilliant photographs of beautiful landscapes, nature, flowers, and much more.  It truly is worth taking a look at what he has to offer:

Art by Mimulux~ A very talented, digital artist, photographer, mixed-media artist, and illustrator:

Cris Hayes~  Having grown up in a photographic family, Cris Hayes started behind the camera in a portrait studio. After many years of creating images of people, Cris found his true love, nature, wildlife and hummingbirds. His passion is being passed on to you through his wall decor and canvas images for your home.  Check out his amazing photography:

PASiNGA~  PASiNGA is the artist name for German but London based photographer and concrete artist, Antje Nixdorf.  Since 2012, Antje has been creating artworks, unique and limited edition goods as well as fine art prints from her studio in London, UK. She choose her artist name to describe what she loves and does – Photography, Art, deSiGN and her inspiration everyday surroundings, modern structures and Architecture.  Visit her amazing works here: