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Australian Pink Robin Watercolor

This beautiful Australian Pink Robin grabbed my attention while searching for my next watercolor painting.

Australian Pink Robin

Australian Pink Robins are found in the forests of southeastern Australia and have the most pink vibrant bellies. They are the cutest little birds only weighing a whopping 10 grams and stand around 11 cm tall and have a wingspan of just 22 cm. Whether you’re painting, photographing, or simply admiring, the Australian Pink Robin will surely leave an impression on you.

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind watercolor original painting is now available for purchase. Details; Watercolor and ink, 5.5 x 8.5 140lb paper, $100.00. Free shipping in the USA. If you are interested in purchasing please send an email to; OneArtsyMomma@msn.com Prints will be available in the near future.