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About One Artsy Momma

I'm a Momma of twins and married to a wonderful man of 25 years. I love to read, garden, bike ride, rollerblade, and create art. I've always loved to create art, but never really thought of sharing it. Raising a family has always been a top priority for me and now that my kids have been in school full time, I figured, why not get those creative juices going again? I've taken some drawing courses from a local college in the past, and a few in High School. Bottom line, I'm a self-taught artist. I love it! So grateful to share it with the world!! :)

Australian Pink Robin Watercolor

This beautiful Australian Pink Robin grabbed my attention while searching for my next watercolor painting.

Australian Pink Robin

Australian Pink Robins are found in the forests of southeastern Australia and have the most pink vibrant bellies. They are the cutest little birds only weighing a whopping 10 grams and stand around 11 cm tall and have a wingspan of just 22 cm. Whether you’re painting, photographing, or simply admiring, the Australian Pink Robin will surely leave an impression on you.

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind watercolor original painting is now available for purchase. Details; Watercolor and ink, 5.5 x 8.5 140lb paper, $100.00. Free shipping in the USA. If you are interested in purchasing please send an email to; Prints will be available in the near future.

Buster the sweet and adorable Pup Portrait.


This is my very first pet portrait. This sweet and adorable pup is Buster. Buster recently went to The Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. 😢


I gifted this portrait of him to his parents. I hope it brings them some sense of peace and comfort. May Buster Rest In Peace. 🙏🏻

The Frog Lovers Painting Created for a Special Couple.

The Frog Lover’s Painting

I was approached by a high school friend to create this special painting for him and his beautiful wife. They now have it framed and sitting in their foyer. Here is the feedback I received from my happy customers:

“Wow! Thank you so much Michelle for our special frogs. With a last name like Hoppe, ya can’t help but take on the little croakers as the family mascot.
I greatly appreciate your time and care in the project.”

I am thrilled to have had the privilege to create this special piece of art for them.

If you love this painting, I’m happy to announce it’s available on several products. Check out my Society6 store here:

Available Framed or on Canvas
Available Laptop Sleeve
Available Tote Bag

You can also find several customizable products with this adorable painting in my Frog Lovers Collection found in my Zazzle store:

Stacy’s Sunflower

Stacy’s Sunflower 2020

I’m finally finished with “Stacy’s Sunflower.”

On February 4, 2020, my best friend lost her battle to cancer. She put up a good fight for four years. My heart is broken, but it helps to know that she is in a better place and at peace. Stacy and I knew each other since high school. We shared many great memories together.

This sunflower represents my love and friendship I had for her. I was so very blessed to have a friend like her.

Her memory will live on in my heart for the rest of my days.

May she Rest In Peace. ❤️

My Happy Place

My Happy Place!
My Art Studio!

I thought I’d share some photos of my happy place. My art studio. I definitely lose track of the time when I’m in here.

Creating art makes my soul HaPpY. It’s my escape from this crazy world we live in. Just my music, art, and my dog(s).

Where is your happy place? Comment below.

Ernesto the Secret Santa Owl

Ernesto the Secret Santa Owl


I am happy to announce that I have sold my second original piece of art, Ernesto the Secret Santa Owl to a dear friend, Kimberlie Richter. I am grateful and humbled. My hope is that this painting puts a smile on everyone’s face that views it.

The original might be sold, but you can still find Ernesto on several products by visiting my Society6 store here:

Ernesto the Secret Santa Owl

Ernesto the Secret Santa Owl

Ernesto the Secret Santa is finished. The original is available for purchase. Comment below if you are interested in purchasing this cutie of an owl.

Ernesto will soon be available on several outstanding products from Society6 and other Product-On-Demand online stores.

I’m also excited to announce that my daughter and I are brainstorming a book about this cute little owl, Ernesto. Keep your eyes peeled, hopefully by Christmas 2019.

I Sold My First Original Painting!

The happy recipient of my first original painting, Meagan Brown.

I am super excited to share this great news. I have sold my very first original painting!! I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brown for their purchase of my “Owl Lovers” watercolor painting. They gifted this painting to their daughter, Meagan.

I am excited about this new way of sharing my art. In the past, I have always created my art digitally, and now I am experimenting with watercolors and having an absolute blast with this fun medium. It certainly is different creating on paper rather than my computer screen and stylus.

I plan to start selling originals and offering prints and many other products as well. Keep your eyes peeled for my next art pieces.

My Progress with Ernesto the Owl

Ernesto the Owl

I’m almost finished with Ernesto the owl. Just need some finishing touches and he’ll be looking for a new home.

I’ve put several fun hours into creating this plump Christmas owl and I can’t wait to see what he will look like on tote bags, wood art, and all the other products available in my online shops. I’ll keep you posted when the original is available and when the products are loaded in my shops.

Ernesto the Owl

I used an H pencil to trace Ernesto.
When using watercolors, it’s all about layering colors. So fun!!

I’d like to introduce, Ernesto the owl to you all.
I’m currently using watercolor pencils to create this cutie pie. My hope is to share my progress with you all on a daily basis.

I’m debating on whether to change the background. What color would you suggest for the background?