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About Michelle

I'm a Momma of twins and married to a wonderful man of 20 years. I love to read, garden, bike ride, roller blade, and create art. I've always loved to create art, but never really thought of sharing it. Raising a family has always been a top priority for me and now that my kids have been in school full time, I figured, why not get those creative juices going again. I've taken some drawing courses from a local college in the past, and a few in High School. Bottom line, I'm a self taught artist. I love it! So grateful to share it with the world!! :)

Introducing, Oliver the Owl!

Oliver the Owl and his Visitor.

Oliver the owl and his visitor, the ladybug
The digital version of Oliver, in progress.

Introducing my newest owl. His name is Oliver.

I created him on paper first, and now I’m creating him digitally. That way I am able to offer this piece of art on a variety of products, via Product on Demand websites.

Oliver will be #10 of my Wildlife Series. I’ll be sure to post here, once he is available for purchase.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Twisted Tree and Textured Pumpkin Prints Sold!

SOLD!! I would like to thank my dear friend, Carol for her purchases! I truly appreciate it.

The Textured Pumpkin Framed Print
The Textured Pumpkin

The Twisted Tree Framed Print
The Twisted Tree Painting


I used to walk past this beautiful tree, on my daily walks. It always caught my eye. I am glad that I was able to capture it, before a storm came by and damaged it.

My Two Furry Sons

I would like introduce you all to my two furry son’s. This is Indy (on the right) and Junior.

Indy and Junior.  Two lovable dogs that fill our home with much love and chaos.
Junior and Indy

Indy is the bigger and older pup. Indy is a nine-year-old English Labrador. He is the sweetest and loveable pup. He loves the ladies and sleeping. Junior is our four-year-old Labradoodle. Junior is our Energizer Bunny. He is constantly going, all day long. He seriously sleeps only at night. If he does take a nap during the day, he always has one eye open.

Our family named these two knuckleheadsafter the main character from the Indiana Jones movie.

Junior as a puppy.  2014.
Junior as a puppy. 2014
Indy as a puppy. 2010

It gets pretty rough for our pups in the wintertime. They do not get as many walks like other times of the year. This photo of the two of them is right after a walk that was way overdue for them. As you can see they were wiped out. 😂 We all get a little out of shape during the winter, at least in our household.

Indy and Junior wiped out, after a walk.
Exhausted pups after their first walk in two weeks.

Who is ready for Spring?

Introducing, Ernie the Egret and his Friends.

I’m very close to finishing my latest piece, Ernie the naked Egret. I’ve been enjoying creating this sweet bird. Started this on pencil and paper, then finished it digitally, with my ArtRage software. This painting is part of my Wildlife Series.

Wildlife Series
Ernie the Egert and his ladybug friends.

I will have Ernie available for purchase soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re an artist, share what you’re working on in the comments. I would love to see!

My Happy Place!

This is my happy place. My Art Studio.  This is where I can let the troubles of the world cease in my mind for a bit.  This room is very special because it used to by my late Mother-in-law’s living room.  Our family has many great memories of being in this room. 

I always feel a sense of calm and joy whenever I am creating in this space.  There are many times that I sense my sweet Mother-in-law visiting me.  Mae is missed so very much, by many.        


One Artsy Momma’s Art Studio. Where the magic happens.


Where is your happy place?