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Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor


Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor Wood Wall Art

Meet Bertha the elephant.  Bertha had an itch at the end of her trunk and much to her surprise that itch was actually her new friend, Ms. Ladybird.

Wildlife Series #5 

I’m Still Standing!

Happy Fall Y’all!

I wanted to share some news about my life this past summer.  

I apologize for the lack of postings on my website.  I have had some major life changes since May of this year.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was very fortunate to find this beast inside me in the early stages.  I have had to jump some significant hurdles to win the fight.  I had a bilateral mastectomy in June and I am now scheduled for a second surgery to get the remaining cancer out on my left side.  I do not need chemo or radiation, I however will be taking tamoxifen for the next ten years.  It’s all good.  I’m here, and I am so grateful to be alive.  I have a lot of living and creating left to do before I leave this earth.

My family also received another blow from this awful beast called cancer.  My sweet and loving Mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on July 28th, 2015.  It had spread to her brain, back and organs.  She lost her battle on August 6, 2015.  We were fortunate to have hospice come into our home a few days before her passing to help control her pain.  We were all with her when she passed, and we are very grateful she is no longer suffering.  RIP, my favorite Mother-in-law.

So on to some happy news!  Our twins will be twelve soon, and they are in their first year of middle school and loving it.  Taking the school bus for the very first time has been a highlight for them and for me.  My husband and I will be celebrating 18 years of marriage on September 12th.  So, I have many things to be thankful for.  I am so grateful for my family and friends.  I received so much love, prayers, and support these past few months.  I feel the power of prayer has helped me so much.  God is so good!

I have created a couple paintings since my diagnosis.  My art has been a great way to keep my mind off my worries and struggles.  

I chose to create some animals with a pink theme for Breast Cancer Awareness.   These two latest paintings are, “Chumley The Piglet And His Visitors” and  “Fiona The Flamingo And Her Visitor.”  

I hope they put a smile on your face and in your heart.


Fiona the flamingo is very curious to know what creature sits atop of her beak. They stare at each other in wonder. Wildlife Series #6.

Fiona the flamingo is very curious to know what creature sits atop of her beak. They stare at each other in wonder. Wildlife Series #6.




Chumley the pig gets not one, but two visitors. Wildlife Series #7

Chumley the pig gets not one, but two visitors. Wildlife Series #7


If I Were The Worlds Tallest Mammal…

I would be the beautiful and poised giraffe.  They’re legs alone are taller than many humans.  They can run as fast as 35 miles an hour.  Their tongues are long as well, reaching 21 inches, which helps them pluck leaves and buds in the tree tops.  They can eat hundreds of pounds of leaves each week.  They actually regurgitate their food and chew it as cud.  They only drink once every several days because they get most of their water from the luscious leaves they consume.
Female giraffes give birth standing up, which makes for a rude welcome for the newborn baby giraffe.  They fall more than 5 feet to the ground during birth.  What a way to be welcomed to the world!  The baby giraffe is able to stand in half an hour after birth and run with their mothers just ten hours after birth.
They are breath taking animals.  Here are some gorgeous photographs and art of this beautiful mammal we call the giraffe.



Panda Bear Love

Oh how I love these beautiful black and white panda bears! They are so adorably cute, but can be just as dangerous as any other bear. Pandas can weigh up to 250 pounds. The beautiful pandas are listed as endangered in the World Conservation Union’s Red List of threatened species. There are about 1,600 left in the wild. More than 300 live in zoos, mostly in China.
The World Wildlife Fund is the primary international conservation organization protecting pandas and their habitat. To make a donation in support of WWF’s global conservation efforts, visit:  http://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions/Panda.aspx
I wanted to share some amazing photographs and artwork of these beautiful animals. I’m sure you’ll agree, that they are one of a kind animals that we really need to protect.