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My Happy Place!

This is my happy place.  My Art Studio.  This is where I can let the world’s troubles cease in my mind.  This room is extraordinary because it used to be my late Mother-in-law’s living room.  Our family has many great memories of being in this room. 

I always feel a sense of calm and joy whenever I am creating in this space.  There are many times that I sense my sweet Mother-in-law visiting me.  Mae is missed so very much by many.        


One Artsy Momma’s Art Studio.  Where the magic happens.


Where is your happy place? 

Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor


Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor Wood Wall Art

Meet Bertha the elephant.  Bertha had an itch at the end of her trunk and much to her surprise that itch was actually her new friend, Ms. Ladybird.

Wildlife Series #5 

A Little Bit of Chocolate Lab

A Little Bit of Chocolate Lab

By Jai Johnson


Original chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy painting.