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Dragon’s in the Works!

I’ve been studying on how to create dragon’s for my latest project, by watching YouTube videos and viewing illustrations, via Pinterest.  Here is my progress so far.  It’s been a blast creating these cute beast’s!  


Illustrating a Children’s Book for the First Time!

I have some exciting news!  I’ve been asked to illustrate a Children’s Book!

I have been doing my research lately, on how to draw dragons. Here is a draft of one. Yikes, I have a lot of practicing to do.

Dragons are fascinating creatures.  I am beyond thrilled and grateful for this opportunity.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress and when the book will be published. 


Cute Snowman Tote Bag

Thank you to the fabulous customer! I am grateful for your purchase! 🙂

The Armless Snowman Tote Bag

About this artwork:  The armless snowman is looking forward to getting his new arms soon. He has been daydreaming on what it will be like, to be able to grab something for once.

Ernie the Egert and his Clan Illustration

Introducing, Ernie the Egert and his clan.  The past several months I have been stepping into a whole new realm of creating art. 

I have always used my ArtRage software to create, but lately, I have been using the real deal.  This is just one of my many new creations, using just pencil and paper.  My ultimate dream is to illustrate a Children’s book someday very soon. 


Panda Bear iPhone Case

I am happy and grateful that I SOLD this iPhone case recently, and I would like to thank the wonderful customer! I appreciate your purchase, so much! 

The Panda Bear And His Visitor iPhone Case

About this artwork:  This cute panda bear admires his new visitor, the ladybug. While sitting in a field of grass. The Wildlife Series, #1.


Unique Comforters

These are just some of my favorite comforters found on  They would make perfect gifts for the holidays!  Keep in mind, you’ll find these art pieces on many products too.

Star Map :: City Lights Comforters

By, Jenny Lloyd Illustration

Creative Credenza’s

WOMAN WITH FLOWERS 10 Credenza.  By Dada22

Amber Dusk Credenza.  By Space Frog Design

Desert Nights by Nature Magick Credenza.  By Nature Magick

Vintage Sunflower Wood Wall Art

Sunflower – Vintage Wood Wall Art
by Judy Palkimas

This would look absolutely stunning in an office or bedroom.  Be sure to check out Judy’s other pieces by clicking her name when you visit Society6 here:


Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor

Bertha The Elephant And Her Visitor Wood Wall Art

Meet Bertha the elephant.  Bertha had an itch at the end of her trunk and much to her surprise that itch was actually her new friend, Ms. Ladybird.

Wildlife Series #5